Update on my road to recovery from knee pain

I thought I would provide a quick update since my last blog post about my recent knee injury (Click here to read more about it).

About three weeks ago I saw a sports physician who diagnosed that I seem to be showing positive signs of patella femoral pain in my knee. I was recommended to consider a cortisone injection to help with the inflammation. I was also suggested to see a podiatrist and to continue with physio to help with the inflammation followed by a biokineticist to strengthen my weak spots that are contributing to my knee pain.

I am really not keen to have the cortisone injection so I have opted to rather focus on seeing a physio and biokineticist at this stage. I have also decided to not go the Podiatrist route for now as I believe that I need to try and strengthen my weaknesses to help overcome the injury once and for all. Since making the decision to just stick with physio and sessions with a biokineticist I have noticed some positive improvements with less knee and glute pain. I have also been focused on icing my knee up to 5 times a day especially straight after some exercise. My biokineticist has identified a lot of muscles that I need to strengthen up to help stabilise my knee including my hamstrings, glutes and core muscles.She has recommended a series of exercises I am doing every alternate day which I am positive will help my running in the long term and not just in helping with my current injury.

inspiration-running-comebackThis past week I have managed to run 28km in total with my longest run being the 10km KFC Valentine’s Night Run. Warrick has very kindly run this race with me for many years and it has almost become a Valentine’s tradition of ours. I unfortunately had to sell my PnP Marathon entry though as there was no way I was going to be running this marathon which took place over the past weekend and I won’t lie I had a serious dose of FOMO (Fear of missing out!).

However, I have now entered the Vaal Marathon on the 5th March which is my last option to qualify for the 56km Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. So the goal at this stage is to start training albeit carefully over the next three weeks for this marathon. I have come to turns with the fact that I won’t be aiming for a PB at the Vaal Marathon but I need to run it in under 5 hours so I can qualify for Oceans. I will be seeing my physio and biokineticist now every week whilst training towards this goal. I am trying to stay positive that as hard as this recovery period has been there is a light at the end of the tunnel now.



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