Welcome to my blog focused on living, loving and exploring!

My name is Camilla a.k.a Cam or Cambo. I am married to an amazing husband Warrick, and have two adorable, special dogs – Callie the ‘Princess’ Jack Russell and Sir Lanark the Scottie. I am extremely passionate about the outdoors whether it be going on a game drive to spot the Big 5 in the Kruger, mountain biking in Lydenburg or running up Table Mountain – I am ‘that girl’ that will be there. (This is definitely a reason why I found a husband that enjoys exploring the outdoors just as much as I do.)

In recent years I have really come to acknowledge that in order to enjoy life you need to do things that you love, with people you love and you need to set challenges for yourself that you never thought were possible. As our late President Nelson Mandela once said “It always seems impossible until it’s done!” and this has really become a motto I live by and I would like this blog to hopefully be an inspiration to others that anything is indeed possible. To find out more about the adventures and challenges I plan to take on that you may also like to do, please visit my Upcoming Adventures Page.

The three key areas I will focus on in my blog are as follows:

LIVING – Enjoying life to its fullest by continually learning new things

LOVING – Doing things passionately with the people & pets you love

EXPLORING – Finding and searching for new and exciting challenges and places to see