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My Joburg2Kili Journey so far – Over 500km in 5 days to Botswana

I cannot believe we are already 5 days into our #Joburg2Kili adventure especially as this trip took us up to 6 months of planning but it really has been an incredible journey so far. For a more detailed update on our day-to-day rides, please check out the website blog. I plan to rather post on this blog about my personal journey along this Joburg2KIli Expedition.

So here is my quick five-point reflection on the past 5 days:

Barney our Joburg2Kili mascot keeping us motivated everyday on the bike
  1. Our Joburg2Kili send off last Saturday was one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life. Jeep kindly let us start from their dealership in Bryanston and even arranged a yellow & black balloon arch which was my dream. I was also blown away by the number of friends and family that came out to send us off and/or ride with us for the first few kilometres and we even had one supporter, Deon Bester, who rode with us all the way to ATKV Buffelspoort which was our first stop. Check out this great piece of coverage on our send off by CCTV Africa by clicking here.
  2. We have ridden just over 500km in 5 days which is a personal record for me not only in distance but also in terms of time on the bike (+-26hrs) as we are riding single-speed Buffalo Qhubeka bicycles. It has not been easy getting up to ride every day but somehow your body just adapts and you just get into a rhythm of peddling for hours and hours. Although I must admit my butt has felt better before – I am still waiting for the moment when I finally start to feel more comfortable on the saddle which I have been told will come.
  3. I have also come to appreciate the joys of riding again these last few days. For the first half of this year I just focused on running as I did my first Comrades Marathon so it has been a nice change to get back on the bike again and to enjoy pedaling away and covering larger distances.
  4. A lot of people ask me what you think about whilst riding for 6+hrs a day. I have found that I actually don’t think too much whilst riding but rather just enjoy being in the present. You do find moments when you have to motivate yourself to keep pushing on even though you are tired or sore but other than that it is quite liberating. I do find when I ride behind someone I almost get hypnotized by their back bike wheel in front of me and I just watch it rolling along the tar or dirt. As these bikes average around 18km/h it also means you can also take in the scenery around you easily and we have ridden through some beautiful parts of South Africa already especially around the Thabazimbi area. We have also seen a whole lot of game on the side of the roads whilst riding include warthogs, sable, buffalo, giraffe and kudu which has been so awesome.
  5. Today is a rest day which was much needed after 5 days of riding so I am taking the time to keep the legs up, stretch a bit, read a book and write a blog post. But I am really looking forward to the next 2 weeks of exploring Botswana by bicycle.

2 thoughts on “My Joburg2Kili Journey so far – Over 500km in 5 days to Botswana

  1. I loved reading about your first few days… and really admire your courage and bravery. I had no idea of the existence of the Qhubeka Charity and their initiative to provide bicycles for South Africans in need… so thank-you for the awareness you havve created, especially for me personally. I think it’s a wonderful idea… and a valuable empowerment tool. We lived in Botswana for 12 years, while I went to school in South Africa… and lots and lots of people had bicyles in Botswana… so I hope you see many bicyles and that it’s still a plentiful mode of transport. I look forward to reading more about your adventure.. To your best, Mands

  2. Once again well done darling – you write so well and I really mean I can see a book coming out of this adventure. Loving following it reading the blogs seeing the photos and live tracking, I feel I am experiencing the adventure as well

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