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#Road2Comrades 2 Days to Go!

I cannot believe that my #Road2Comrades is basically here. On Sunday I will be one of over 16 000 runners at the start line in Pietermaritzburg to take on the 89km Ultimate Human Race down to Durban.

Since January I have run 1250km in my training leading up to the big day on Sunday with my longest run being 48km. I am feeling a mixture of emotions this week about the race which is largely driven by the fear of the unknown. I have no idea how I am going to feel after running 48km, which both scares and excites me.

I am not feeling as preparedĀ as I would like to be in terms of my race plan but I have a basic plan in mind of how I am going to run this race in terms of planned walks and refueling stops along the way and I am keeping postive that all will go according to plan on the day. I will also have Warrick and my parents seconding me along the way which I am so happy about as it will definitely keep me motivated.

Warrick and I will be flying down to Durban tomorrow night and we then plan to head off to the Race Expo on Saturday morning. We are planning to drive the route on Saturday on our way to Howick where we will be staying the night before the race. And then on Sunday at 5.30am my first Comrades journey will begin.

I look forward to sharing my Comrades Race Report next week. Wish me luck!




1 thought on “#Road2Comrades 2 Days to Go!

  1. Camilla, you are about to undertake a amazing and formidable journey. ENJOY ! You will have to dig deep, but the ultimate achievement is well worth the endurance you are about to experience.
    We will be there for you, in spirit, on Sunday, tracking your every step. GOOD LUCK.
    Rod & Di

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