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My #Road2Comrades – April Report

April has felt like a very long month in terms of my Comrades training. I have managed to run just over 310km this month which is slightly less than I planned due to a viral infection last week nevertheless it has still been a big running month.

Looking a bit tired at the finish of the Modern Athlete Irene Ultra Marathon

A highlight for me this month in my training was completing my first Ultra marathon. I decided very last minute to take on the Modern Athlete Irene Ultra Marathon on the 10th April 2016 which was a new 48km race to the Gauteng running calendar that took place at the ARC Irene Campus. The route was mostly flat with a few undulating hills. I ran a comfortable pace for most of the race but hit a low point at the 44km mark where I had to dig deep to get to the finish line which was only 4km away but it felt a lot longer. This race allows you to use either your marathon time or 48km to qualify for Comrades and I was quite pleased to run a PB marathon time unintentionally which has now guaranteed me my D Seeding for Comrades next month.

Another accomplishment for this month was running just under 60km over a weekend including a bit of mountain-biking in the Delta Dash 6 hour Endurance Race – read more about this on my recent post. On this same weekend, I also ran just over half of the infamous RAC 60km Long Run, which is a very popular training run for Comrades runners in Joburg. It was great that the route took us past my parents-in-laws house, which was just after the halfway mark where I planned to finish my run.

Unfortunately after three weeks of solid running, I then caught a viral infection and was bedridden for a few days with nausea and flu-like symptoms. It took me over a week to get better and I started to panic about my lack of training. However, I am finally running again but I have reduced my intended mileage a bit to ease back into the training.

So now it is literally just under a month to go until the Big C. I am starting to get very nervous about the challenge ahead of me but in some ways I am looking forward to the build up to this world-famous race. The month of May is going to be focused on not only tapering down my mileage but also studying the Comrades route profile, planning my A & B race strategies such as when I will do strategic walks, how often I will fuel up on gels and just getting fully prepared and psyched up to take on my first Comrades Marathon. Wish me luck!


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