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A fun day out on the MTB at Delta Dash

For the past three years, Warrick and I have participated in the Delta Dash 6 hour Mountain bike endurance race. What we love about this race is that there is a more relaxed, fun atmosphere to the race than your usual mountain biking races and as an added bonus it takes place on our doorstep in Delta Park.

The race is hosted by the Delta Park School, which is a public school for learners that have difficulties in learning in mainstream school environments. All proceeds of the event go to the school to improve their facilities for their learners. It is really great to be able to support a local cause in our area by doing what we love.


The Delta Dash is a 6-Hour endurance Mountain Bike Race that starts at the Delta Park school field and takes you out on a 6km loop through Delta Park. You can enter the race in the solo category or as a team which in my opinion is the best way to go. A team needs to consist of three members (all male, all female or mixed) and the objective of the day is to complete as many laps as possible within the 6 hours.  The 6km loop is rideable yet challenging for everyone from novices to the racing snakes. It offers technical and speedy sections, a few climbs and a fun section through the school corridors.

For the past three years, Warrick and I have managed to defend our title as the 1st mixed team as Team ActionGear which has been awesome but to be honest the reason we have continually been going back to this race year-after-year is because it is just a great day out on the mountain bike with friends. We hope to see many more fellow Joburg MTBers at future Delta Dash races.

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