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Scotty Dog #StravaArt

I recently came across a new form of art called #StravaArt. For those that are not familiar already with Strava it is a website and mobile app used to track athletic activity via GPS. It also allows you to connect and compete with fellow athletes completing the same routes with the ultimate goal being to become King or Queen of a segment along a set out route.

However, for some people Strava is no longer just about chasing personal records along routes but rather a way of creating art by mapping out routes that create a design or image.

I have always had a passion for art so when I came across #StravaArt I instantly got excited about creating my own design, which for me had to be a Scotty Dog.

The first step to creating my design was to pre-map out a route using a GPS program called Movescount but I also believe you can use Google Maps. Warrick helped me with this as it proved to be a lot more difficult than I expected as we needed to find roads that were parallel or represented a specific V-shape like the Scotty dogs’ ear and tail so it helped to have two eyes looking at a map to see different options. The other factor for us was that we wanted to try and create our design in an area relatively close to home. After about three attempts of trying to map out a route that resembled the look of a Scotty Dog we finally got to a design which we were happy with. We then uploaded the route onto Warrick’s Garmin bike computer and were all set to go and become Strava artists.

We headed out last Tuesday morning on our #StravaArt mission on our mountain bikes. Warrick and I both recorded our route using our Suunto Ambit 3 watches. One thing to note is that you have to stay on the pre-mapped out route in order for the design to work out so you just have to hope you don’t experience any road works or blocked off roads in suburbs along the route. Luckily for us we had no unforeseen obstacles along the way but we certainly didn’t take into account the amount of climbing we had set ourselves up for along this route but I guess it only makes you stronger.

Below is a snapshot of our masterpiece – our first and definitely not last #StravaArt of a Scotty Dog:

Upon researching more about creating art via GPS, I also came across the following article entitled “Become a Strava Artist with these GPS Tips,” which is worth a read if you are interested to take on the challenge and design your own piece of #StravaArt.


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